1. Introduction

This document defines the refund policy for Acai X, an e-commerce site selling acai products. The policy details the conditions under which refunds are processed and outlines the responsibilities of both Acai X and its customers.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all acai products sold by Acai X.

3. Policy Statement

Acai X commits to a transparent and equitable refund process, balancing customer satisfaction with business integrity.

4. Refund Eligibility

4.1. Time Frame

  • Refund requests must be submitted within 7 days from the date of purchase.

4.2. Product Condition

  • Physical products eligible for refund must be returned with no more than 20% consumed.
  • Digital products and services are excluded from refunds.

4.3. Full Refund Conditions

A full refund will be issued only under the following circumstances: a. The product received is expired, as evidenced by the product’s expiration date. b. Non-receipt of the purchased product, substantiated by documentation or confirmation from the shipping provider. c. Failure of Acai X staff to ship the product. Note: Acai X’s responsibility ends once the product is handed over to the courier.

5. Refund Process

5.1. Initiation

  • To initiate a refund, customers must submit a request through the Acai X website with relevant details of their purchase.

5.2. Documentation

  • Proof of purchase and additional evidence (as required under 4.3) must accompany the refund request.

6. Method of Refund

Refunds will be processed as store credit to the customer’s account on Acai X.

7. Fees and Additional Charges

  • There are no restocking fees or additional charges for processing a refund.
  • Customers bear the cost of shipping for returned goods.

8. Exceptions and Limitations

  • Refunds will not be granted for fraudulent claims. Acai X reserves the right to refuse a refund if the claim is deemed fraudulent.
  • All products, including those on sale or custom orders, are subject to this refund policy.

9. Communication of Policy

  • The refund policy will be clearly stated on Acai X’s website and during the purchase process.

10. Dispute Resolution

  • Disputes or exceptions will be handled by the Acai X customer service team on a case-by-case basis, ensuring a fair resolution in accordance with this policy.
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