Pioneering Acai in the UAE

Since 2014, our journey has been about introducing the UAE to the unique taste and health benefits of acai berries, sourced directly from the Amazon.

Commitment to Quality

Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and authenticity means every AcaiX product is a blend of pure, natural goodness and culinary innovation.

Community and Wellness

We're not just a brand, we're a community. United by a shared passion for wellness, we strive to enrich lives with the extraordinary benefits of acai.

Accessibility and Convenience

Driven by the goal of making acai a part of daily life, AcaiX focuses on creating products that bring the richness of this superfruit into every household.

The AcaiX STory: Acai Revolution

Pioneering the Acai Movement

At AcaiX, our ambition is to bring the enchantment and benefits of the acai superfruit to every Emirati home and eventually to the entire world. Our passion for this remarkable fruit has led us to develop a range of products that allow our customers the convenience and joy of enjoying acai anytime, right in their own homes. We believe in making the extraordinary health and flavor of acai accessible to everyone, every day.

Our Roots Run Deep

The AcaiXpress Legacy

Since its inception in 2014, AcaiXpress has set the benchmark for acai excellence in the UAE. As the first to introduce this Amazonian superfruit to the region, AcaiXpress has been a beacon of innovation and quality. With a relentless focus on authenticity, we have cultivated a unique space in the hearts of health enthusiasts. Our legacy is built on a foundation of passion and commitment, inspiring our continuous journey to bring the best of acai to our customers. AcaiXpress stands as a testament to the power of vision, quality, and authentic flavors, paving the way for AcaiX’s endeavors.


Nurturing Health,
Expanding Horizons

AcaiX embodies a journey of transformation and growth. Starting as a local pioneer with AcaiXpress, we introduced the acai berry’s unique taste and health benefits to the UAE. Evolving over the years, our mission expanded, leading to the creation of AcaiX. This new venture represents our commitment to bringing the richness of acai into every home, first in the UAE and then around the world, symbolizing our evolution from a local innovator to a global health advocate.


Back in 2014, AcaiXpress embarked on a pioneering journey, being the first to introduce the acai berry to the UAE. Our initial stores were more than just outlets; they were gateways, bringing the rich secrets of the Amazon into the Emirati diet.


Today, we're expanding our horizon with the launch of our retail line, AcaiX. This new venture is focused on bringing the acai experience directly into Emirati homes and onto their tables, making the joy of acai more accessible than ever.


Looking ahead, our aspiration is to spread the goodness of acai worldwide. AcaiX aims to be a global ambassador of this superfruit, bringing its health benefits and delicious flavors to homes around the globe.

OUr Acai

Taste The Difference of PURE Acai

At AcaiX, our acai offerings are unrivaled in their diversity and healthfulness. We uniquely cater to varied palates with our distinctive range: unsweetened acai for the purists, pure acai for the naturalists, and indulgent acai sorbet. Our commitment to health is paramount – we ensure our acai is free from additives and preservatives, sweetening it organically with sugar cane and guarana. What truly sets us apart in the UAE market is our minimal sugar content, proudly standing at just 12%, making our acai not only delicious but also a conscientious choice for health-minded individuals.

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