Scoopable Acai

Acai Puree

Ready-to-use, scoopable formula with no blending required. Made with a high concentration of premium quality Açaí pulp. Low in organic cane sugar, with no added aroma or preservatives. Perfect for cafes and restaurants looking to offer high-quality Açaí bowls and smoothies effortlessly.


Bringing healthy choices to your home

Whats inside the box?

First & Only Premium Scoopable Acai in the UAE


No added white sugar and contains the lowest amount of sweetener available in the market.

Made with real acai berries

Made with a high concentration of Premium Quality acai pulp.

Easy to scoop

Our secret formula with a soft and silky texture makes it ready to serve to your customers.

Nutritional Profile: Balanced Goodness

Discover the nutritious delight of our premium product, offering just 110 calories per 100g serving. With only 3g of total fat, including 1g of saturated fat, and absolutely no trans fats or cholesterol, it’s a health-conscious choice. The sodium content is a minimal 5mg, perfect for those watching their salt intake. Our product boasts 21g of total carbohydrates, featuring 2g of dietary fiber for digestive health and 15g of total sugars, including 14g of added sugars for a touch of natural sweetness. While providing 1% of your daily calcium and potassium needs, and 2% of your iron intake, it ensures you get essential minerals with every bite. Choose our product for a balanced, flavorful addition to your menu that prioritizes quality and nutrition.

COme taste the difference

Need to buy in bulk?

For your business needs, AcaiX offers convenient bulk purchasing. Perfect for cafes, restaurants, or health stores, our premium açaí is available in larger quantities, ensuring quality and taste for your customers. Let AcaiX support your success with ease and excellence.

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