Sweetened with guarana

Acai Smoothie Mix

Sweetened naturally with organic guarana syrup for a delightful flavor. Contains the highest concentration of Açaí pulp with the lowest sugar level in the market (12g organic cane sugar). Ideal for creating vibrant Smoothie Bowls or refreshing Juice Smoothies that appeal to health-conscious customers.

Bringing healthy choices to your home

Whats inside the box?

Pure Ingredients for Pure Enjoyment

Organic Açaí Pure combines select, wholesome ingredients: organic acai, water, organic sugar cane, organic guarana extract, and a touch of citric acid. This blend is crafted to offer a refreshing, guilt-free experience.

Nutritional Profile: Balanced Goodness

Each serving of Organic Açaí Pure (2/3 cup or 100g) delivers a balanced nutritional profile. It’s a low-calorie choice (105 calories per serving) with a moderate amount of total fat (4.5g) and saturated fat (1g), making it a heart-healthy option. The total carbohydrate content is 15g per serving, including 2g of dietary fiber and 13g of total sugars, with 12g of added sugars. This nutritional composition is designed to provide a healthy energy boost without the downsides of excessive sugar or unhealthy fats.

COme taste the difference

Need to buy in bulk?

For your business needs, AcaiX offers convenient bulk purchasing. Perfect for cafes, restaurants, or health stores, our premium açaí is available in larger quantities, ensuring quality and taste for your customers. Let AcaiX support your success with ease and excellence.

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