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Ready to taste the difference? Seize the moment, grab a box now, and turn your daily routine into an extraordinary journey of taste and vitality. Elevate your everyday with Acai X – where delicious meets nutritious!

Our Story

First 100% Emirati Acai Company

Born from a passion for health and flavor in Abu Dhabi’s heart in 2014, AçaíXpress, now presenting its retail line AçaíX, is the first Emirati brand to specialize in Açaí products. Inspired by the Amazon’s Açaí, we’re committed to offering the finest Açaí experience, catering to health-conscious customers in the UAE and beyond. Join us in celebrating the fusion of taste and wellness with AçaíX.


Acai is rich in antioxidants,
which help combat
free radicals in the body.


Acai has fiber
that promotes digestive health.

Energy Booster

These berries can
boost energy and stamina.

Immune Booster

Acai may contribute
to a strengthened
immune system

Healthy Fats

It supports heart health
due to its high levels
of healthy fats.

Benefits in every spoon

Endorsed by nutrition experts, Acai X stands out with its naturally delicious taste, free from artificial flavors and added sugars. It boasts a creamy texture without any oils and offers wholesome nourishment, without relying on synthetic vitamin and mineral fortification.

100% Natural

Glluten Free


Dairy Free


GMO Free

Available in more than 10+ Locations Across Abu Dhabi

Our Acai

#1 Açaí In Abu Dhabi

Our Açaí is selected and formulated in the finest way, without adding any additives or preservatives, so that our consumers taste the authentic flavor of Açaí and get all its benefits. We serve the highest pulp concentration in the market, so our clients can blend it without interfering with the Acai flavor and color.

Açaí in Its Purest Form

We were the first to bring authentic, unblended Acai Berry to the UAE, giving you a taste of its pure goodness.

No Preservatives

Our carefully chosen açaí, free from additives and preservatives, offers you the true, unspoiled taste of this superfood.

Acai Anytime At Home

How to make Your own acai bowl

Discover the joy of crafting your own acai bowl at home! With AcaiX pure acai, it’s easy and fun to make a nutritious, delicious treat that’s uniquely yours.


Keep the Açaí sachets under running water for 5 seconds and break into pieces.


Cut the 100g packet into smaller pieces and add them to the blender.


Blend the pure acai with your preferred fruits and yogurt.


Pour the blended mixture to the bowl and top it with your favorite toppings! Enjoy your perfect acai bowl!

COme taste the difference

Need to buy in bulk?

For your business needs, AcaiX offers convenient bulk purchasing. Perfect for cafes, restaurants, or health stores, our premium açaí is available in larger quantities, ensuring quality and taste for your customers. Let AcaiX support your success with ease and excellence.

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Acai Recipes


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